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Control cabinet construction

AVATRi is able to build control cabinets of any complexity by relying on harmonized manufacturing processes, careful selection of materials, in-depth expertise and strict quality controls.

By using harmonized manufacturing processes, AVATRi can ensure that its control cabinets are manufactured taking into account applicable standards and norms. This helps ensure that the control cabinets work reliably and safely and meet customer requirements.

Careful selection of materials is another key to producing the highest quality electrical panels. AVATRi only uses high-quality materials that meet customer requirements and are reliable. This helps ensure that the control cabinets have a long service life and function reliably even under demanding conditions.

AVATRi has in-depth specialist knowledge and experience in the development and manufacture of control cabinets. The company relies on highly qualified specialists who are able to design and build control cabinets of any complexity. This enables AVATRi to offer its customers individual solutions that meet their specific requirements.

Finally, AVATRi employs strict quality controls to ensure that each panel meets the highest quality standards. Each control cabinet is extensively tested and checked before delivery to ensure that it functions reliably and safely.

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