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M&C/HMI solutions
for your industry

Logistics centers

When developing BMS systems for logistics centers, large dimensions and distances of the buildings as well as a wide variety of integrated systems must be taken into account. Careful planning and coordination is required to ensure that all systems are effectively integrated and the system functions smoothly.

Shopping and entertainment centers

It is important that BMS systems for shopping and entertainment centers provide precise control of air conditioning, ventilation and lighting for large crowds, as well as working closely with security systems to create a pleasant and safe shopping and entertainment environment.

Health facilities

It is important for healthcare facilities that BMS systems provide precise control of indoor conditions such as temperature, humidity and air quality, control of water and sanitation systems, and can interact with other systems such as medical devices and emergency alert systems to provide a safe and healthy environment for patients , staff and visitors.

office building

In BMS systems for office buildings, creating a comfortable and productive work environment is crucial. An effective system must be able to control and monitor room temperature, air quality and lighting to ensure that employees and visitors stay in a comfortable environment.


In laboratory control systems, precise control of room conditions and processes is crucial to ensure the safety of employees and the integrity of experiments. An effective system must be able to control and monitor the temperature, humidity, air quality and pressure in the various laboratory spaces to ensure that the conditions are optimal for conducting the experiments.

Industrial facilities

One of the important factors in automating industrial plants is the integration of energy efficiency systems, which can help reduce energy consumption and therefore costs. An effective automation system can help monitor and optimize energy consumption, for example by adapting the operation of machines and systems to energy requirements.

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