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Smart solutions for buildings and industries

AVATRi is a modern engineering and system integration company active in the field of industrial and building automation. AVATRi successfully delivers electrical design and automation, procurement, manufacturing, assembly, maintenance and project management solutions to its customers worldwide. For more than 20 years, customers have chosen AVATRi as a safe and responsible partner to implement even the most complicated projects. AVATRi's solutions ensure increased efficiency while reducing operating costs.


The perfect measurement, control and regulation technology solution from a single source - efficient, reliable and innovative!

Project management

Professional project management includes the systematic planning, control and monitoring of projects to achieve goals.


Advantageous engineering for M&C enables effective control of processes, improved energy efficiency and higher operational reliability of technical systems.


Advanced programming for M&C/BMS enables the implementation of automated, intelligent and networked systems for optimal control of processes.


Efficient procurement for M&C/BMS includes careful planning, selection and procurement of components for cost-effective and reliable implementation.

Control cabinet construction

High-quality control cabinet construction for M&C enables reliable, safe and efficient control of technical systems and processes.


The scope of services includes the professional installation and regular maintenance of measuring, control and regulation systems to ensure smooth functioning.


Would you like to find out more?

We would be very happy to consider your request and help you realize your project. Please do not hesitate to contact us for more information or to request a quote. We are always willing to work with our customers to find the best possible solution for their needs.

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